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Pelvic pain

Hi everyone hope you are all well just a wee update with my physio I was there a week ago and she examined me and the pain was excruciating she said there was a line of skin at the entrance of my vagina and that what was causing all the pain while I was being examined and it started bleeding again when she finally got in I was told my pelvic muscles were really tight and she has given pelvic floor excersises to do he wanted to see me back in a week and checked her appointment list and the first appointment available is the 15th Dec but if she gets a cancellation she will phone me that night after being for I had the usual burning pain followed by lower back pain and pain down my side it took a couple of days to settle down and the physio gave me a diary to fill in with my intake and output of urine and by the amount of fluids I am drinking I should be passing loads more urine so she has referred me to a Void clinic to see about getting a catheter fitted and a bag to remove all the urine I can’t pass as I am going between10 - 13 hours a day without passing urine that’s how this all started 3years ago with not passing urine no burning just the problem wit the urine and was told I was drinking to much coca- cola so I stopped drinking coca-cola and the problem stilled continued then I was treated fog UTI and was on every antibiotic and still no difference so I was treated for thrush as at this point I had slight burning and then I was treated for hormone deficiency and on loads of cream then I was sent in to get my bladder stretched nothing changed and hear I am today with excruciating pain and when I was at the Gyn clinic the doc said I was to go onto a low dose of hormone cream and I kept asking if she had from the hospital and I kept getting told no going back to the physio and was asked what strength of hormone replacement I was on and I told her I wasn’t on any and she said I should have started it 6 months ago and it was on the system and nobody has bothered to check it so she is contacting my GP well that is my update so far going to GP on Monday I will let you know how I get on this is the third message I have written and the other two got lost when I was scrolling through them to check before I posted them and as I was scrolling down and I don’t know where they went to so I haven’t checked this one for mistakes so I hope it makes sense as my brain works faster than I can message so I tend to miss part of my messaging. Love

Jane bee xx

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