Treatment resistant pudendal neuralgia

Hi all. So I have pudendal neuralgia Brought on by a lifetime of bicycle riding. At this point it does not respond to nerve blocks, trigger point Injections or Botox injections. Entrapment is an obvious concern. It has become clear that I need to search nationwide for the best doctors. So my question is does anyone have positive feedback on any of the top doctors listed at the pudendalhope Site Which seems to be the best one I have found so far? I would also be very interested to hear about innovative yet conservative approaches for cases which are resistant to typical treatments such as mine. Thanks for any help.

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  • Sorry to hear your case is so resistant.. it’s a nightmare. I heard good reviews about Professor Robert in Nantes, but haven’t been treated by him personally. They offer a surgery there, release the nerve if it’s trapped, but first they use their diagnostics to confirm entrapment.

  • Hello,

    I’m assuming if you had nerve blocks then you have already been diagnosed properly with PN. If not you may want to look into an MRN to get definitively diagnosed. I don’t respond to many treatments as well. I go for 2 nerve blocks a month just to take the edge off with no steroids. In your case, a physical therapist may be able to help you. Look into a good pelvic floor physical therapist. They were helping me for a little while but then my condition changed and it started to make me worse and flare me up so I had to stop going. How long have you been suffering with PN? Try to find a good doctor that you trust that can work with you and your condition. Also a doctor who really knows about the condition. Hope that helps a little. God bless. Deb

  • Thanks Debra13. MRN did not give diagnosis but did hint at entrapment. Physical therapy has been a waste of time even though I'm optomistic each time I go. Have had PN since about 2012 and stopped sitting in 2015. thanks for the kind words-

  • I know how you feel. Nothing I do seems to work. Don’t give up. I’ve been fighting for 17 years now. Something is gonna break. It has to. Deb

  • How Much are you able to sit? I had one Doctor Who told me to sit as much as I want because it would not do more damage. Other doctors say to not sit ever. I ended up listening to the first doctor, sitting more, And all that seemed to do was lead to more pain.-Emil

  • I can sit for 5 minutes only before the pain gets too severe and I can’t. Yes it leads to more pain the longer you sit.

  • A little bit of advice if I have to sit for longer periods of time I usually sit on my side with pillows between my thighs so that area doesn’t touch together. But I have to tell you after a while of doing this you start to develop hip problems also. But it’s better than the alternative I feel. Deb.

  • My best position of comfort is on my stomach but I also have back issues so this doesn’t last very long either. Wish I could be more help to you. Deb.

  • your struggles sound alot like mine. Plus I have a strange foot neuropathy which limits my walking.

    Does anybody in the community use these zero gravity chairs? I'm thinking of getting one so I can perhaps keep my job!

  • Wow, that's an interesting set up of screen and support. I think you would need quite a bit of space in your office to accommodate a zero gravity chair and all your colleagues would want to lie down as well. My work got me a Varidesk as I can't sit either, it is brilliant but by the end of the day my back and legs are aching from standing up all day but small price to pay for keeping my job. May be worth you looking into and probably cheaper too.

  • Great idea but I have foot problems as well. Lucky me

  • I have been diagnosed with Pudental Neuralgia. Symptoms are perineum burning, spasms, rectal pressure and low back pain. You can read my previous posts regarding treatments. I am beginning a Dorsal Root Stimulator trial scheduled for December 1. I will post results . Rocky68

  • Thanks very much

  • I had a trial of the stimulater. I honestly don’t think the doctor put it in the best area it could go in though. It was at the levels of T8-T12 which did help my back pain with my pain in the legs but unfortunately it made the pain in my vagina and rectum worse. I should have got a DRG stimulater which is what I thought he was going to do but he said this set up would cover that also. I don’t think that is really what occurred but I’m not a neurologist or a doctor. I am going to consider another trial of a stimulater but with a dorsal root ganglion stimulater possibly in the near future.

  • If you can keep me posted also how the dorsal root one works for you that would be great. God bless us all who suffer from this monstrosity we live with. Deb

  • Debra. I just posted review of DRG Stimulator today. The actual DRG Stimulator he will use will be the Procaim model. If you have questions let me know. Rocky68

  • Hey Rocky ,

    I do have a question. Where are you getting this done if you don’t mind telling me. I got mine done in New York at the Ainsworth Institute. But like I said in my previous post about this it made the vsginsvsbfvoeeirrctal space much worse than I was before. So, if you don’t mind I would love to know. You can PM the information if you feel funny about posing it. Thank you for you reply and God bless you. Deb

  • Rocky68,

    One more thing. I was sent to the other surgeon in the ainsworth institute because he didn’t take my insurance. So, I didn’t get the better surgeon. Imagine. Very frustrating. Deb

  • Debra. I had my DRG Stimulator Trial at Moses Cone Surgical Center in Greensboro NC. I did not have any vaginal pain. My Pain Dr is with Neurosurgery & Spine Associates. I don't know if naming Drs is allowed on this site but if you want to give me your email address I can contact you that way. I hope I was clear with pain relief. Back pain is gone but I still have twinges, nerve spasms near rectal area but they are 30% better and I'm hoping in time to get more relief. I will post again once temporary device is removed if I truly was getting benefit from device. Four leads were at S1 and S3 sites. I will say before trial I was in floor most nights with horrible spasms and I have not been in that much agony. I do continue with 75 mg of Lyrica twice a day since Dr said I should continue meds during trial. My Dr did say that perhaps 400-600 Drs only were certified to perform the DRG surgery. Rocky68

  • Thank you rocky. Yes can you PM me. I’m going for procedure but I’m not 100% sure it will help and don’t want to give all of you false hope yet. If it works believe me I’ll scream it from the mountain tops so that everyone knows it. If it doesn’t it’s good to know there is still hope out there. God bless that you are feeling better.

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  • Where you been. I texted you. Sorry it was so early in the morning. I’m losing my mind. Please get In touch with me. I hope you aren’t upset with me.

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