Has anyone tried Gabapentin and had success with pelvic pain relief? The term central sensitization is being thrown at me now. A year post hysterectomy and still in pain. 60 percent better. I thought CS was supposed to cause widespread pain throughout the body ??. Mine is localized to right pelvic floor pain and right lower abd pain. My pelvic floor not in spasm anymore but I feel the same. Burning and raw feeling 24/7. I guess living on meds will be my next step. Any feedback appreciated. Also have been doing PT for 8 months.

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  • I had coccyx removed over three years ago I have been to many Drs and had many diagnoses from Levator Ani Syndrome to Pudental Neuralgia. Have had two unsuccessful PN blocks.

    I have problems with sitting and most of my problems appear when I lay down. I have no pelvic pain but burning and tightening in lower buttocks running down both legs about half way to knee. I have been to Physical Therapy as well as Chiropractor. I also have low back pain

    I started with 100 mg of Gabapentin three days ago and now take 200 mg. Dr advised me to take at night only as it tends to make me tired and a little sedated. He told me I could increase dosage to 300 mg.

    I have seen no benefits thus far but I understand it takes time to be effective. I also take Tramadol 50 twice a day and .5 mg of Clonazepam so I can sleep at night

    I will be interested to hear if you have good results when taking Gabapentin. Rocky68

  • Have you tried taking B complex.

    My farm it's tells me it helps repair nerve endings.

  • That should have read farmacist

  • I have been taking B12. Do you recommend another B vitamin? Rocky68

  • I can't reccommend..I,m just going by what I was told.

    b complex is vit b1... Vit b6 and vit b12

    Here in spain it's called Hydroxil and costs 12euros something.

    Do take in morning as I found it may cause insomnia taken late in the day.

    I take 1 twice a week as I,ve heard that the body flushes it out if not needed.

    Hope this helps you.

    None of us want to be taking strong painkillers.

    I,m 4 years pelvic pain and still looking for answers.

    I,m don't shushed that none of my test machines show a problem.or the medics don't know how to read this technology.

    Frustrating old world.

  • Thanks. I will check into that

  • Thanks. I see my doc next week so we will be discussing next plan of action

  • Some people really benefit from gabapentin, would be worth a try. Much better than having to depend on narcotics, if you have an option. Just a thought: If you still feel raw and unhealed internally and have been in PT for 8 months, what if you tried a more gentle healing approach? Nerves damage can be very slow to heal. I have to be careful that PT doesn't cause more damage for my problems. Few people (besides Woody Allen characters) like taking meds, but I am so grateful for any relief even if it means meds and following a boring self-care program. So sorry for your suffering. Let us know how you do.

  • Thanks. I have decided no more PT.

  • I have pudendal neuralgia for four years now. I have done everything and been every where. Mine is not pelvic, but rectal-----entrapped nerve in anal rectal site. I can never sit any more, standing, walking and laying down are all a cause of horrific burning, pain, Have been on gabapentin 1800mg, and is no help what so ever. All it has done is I have gained so much weight. I want off of it, but doctor says no! I am in pain 24/7.

    Have had all the nerve blocks with little relief. They say I am at a point where medication is only help. PT made me MUCH WORSE!!!! I have tried to wean some off gabapentin and find it impossible!!! I am on Percocet three times a day and tramadol 300mg a day as needed. I do not like being on these drugs, but only source of some relief. I do have some central sensitization. I feel raw in rectal area and I have spinal cord injury. I have neurogenic bladder and bowel. I have to self-cath and manually dis-impact ( sorry.) This just sets the nerve off every time. I hurt everywhere in muscles and bones. I know how you feel!!!!! I can't do any more then I am doing Feel like I am living in hell! Right now my feet and legs have become numb, and is traveling. So afraid of going back iin w/c, with this butt I could never sit. I have to see another pain specialist but it is hopeless for me. We are all different, and maybe you will find relief -----I hope so!!!! The one simple thing that helps is ICE PACKS 24/7 !!! I am so weary and just feel I am dying a slow lingering death----but you can't dye from this. I wish I had cancer so I could die. I just keep hanging onto God! The tens unit does nothing!

    I'm sorry this is so negative----but its better I knew as I went along. Every one here is suffering, and I cry when I read the post. I pray for all of you. I would like to die, but I would also like to hope enough to keep hoping! I never wanted to be a burden to my family and friends-------but I am!!!!! I an home bound and bedroom bound. Please send me some HUGS! I don't want pity or sympathy----just understanding!

    Love you all. I use to write more---but stopped. People get tired. I am tired!


  • How did dr determine it was Pudental Neuralgia? I am beginning to think that is standard response from Drs when nothing specific is found. Rocky68

  • I am so sorry you are in so much pain. We all here can relate. How to enjoy life with chronic is that possible?? It is all so awful and undeserved

  • I know your pain. I am so very sorry. Hugs Hugs Hugs and more Hugs!!!!!!

  • I lay in a zero gravity chair that allows me to keep my pelvis, coccyx, and bum off the chair. I cannot sit or lay down ever. I had a fibroid removed 5 years ago and lost my life.

  • How about walking? Standing? Is your pain constant?

  • I cam walk but am bent over with spasms. I am unable to sit at all.

  • Constant intractable pain.

  • Thanks for mentioning zero gravity chair. I even used a portable one for professional presentations! Needed hired companion to help accomplish those and it was awkward, but kept my job going.

  • I'm on Gabapentin. It's the only drug I've been able to tolerate for my nerve pain. Been on it 2 yrs now. First 600ml now I'm on 1500ml a day and could raise it because that dosage doesn't cover the peripheral nerves that fire off now from the main problematic nerve but don't want to. Gabapentin is very strong and difficult to come off. I have side affects from it (memory loss). Maybe you could take a look at Magnesium first and see if that helps. I'm looking into it myself as it can support coming down off Gabapentin, which is my goal. There are different types of Magnesium so you need to research. Good luck.

  • I had this on the left side, it was my ilioinguinal iliohypogastric and genitofemoral nerves I got them blocked. Hysterectomies made me worse. Sorry you're going through this. Centralized pain can be local. Widespread is crps

  • How or whom determined those nerves were the souce of your pain? Was it your symptoms?

  • Peripheral nerve surgeon. Google Dr lee dellon. He diagnosed me, I had a neurectomy and it helped a lot.

  • I take 600mg three times daily. I have been doing that for about 9 months. It has not helped me as far as I can tell and I am hoping to start weening off it in the next month or so. I know others have had great success however.

  • I'm on Gabapentin for groin nerve pain. It took a while before I felt any benefit but now, although I still take G I only get the occasional pain. Persevere with G and you should feel some relief. Take care. Love Lizzy x

  • Thanks. Going up to 300mg tonight so far body is tolerating it well but Dr told me to take at night only. Rocky68

  • How long did it take for you to get relief?

  • I have burning nerve pain in my rectal area and Gabapentin takes it from 10 to 2 on the pain scale but I need (5) 600mg pills a day. At first it makes you feel real spacey but I adjusted to it.

  • Hi, is your pain constant or just after a bowel motion? Have you tried other meds like baclofen or tramadol for the pain or endep to relax the muscles?

  • A do take tramadol between 150-300 mg daily but never was given muscle relaxer maybe I should try it as I am suspecting levator ani muscles, My steroid shots have been helping getting in the coccyx and ganglion impar. What did work well was valium suppositories but they aren't good for you and can not function with them.

  • Constant pain. Tramadol no help.

  • I've been on Gabapentin for about a year now. Its very effective. I'm on 1200 mg and allows me to function. I do feel a bit sleepy or foggy from time to time. But if you regulate when you take it and how much ( I take 300 mg four times a day or sometimes all 1200 mgs prior to go to bed). It definitely takes the edge off of the excruciating pain. If you're willing to accept the fogginess as a trade off for the pain, its definitely worth it.

  • I forgot. How much Gabapentin do you take daily? Rocky68

  • I have been on a multitude of medication. The only one I never stop is Gabapenton. If I don't think it helps (twice) I stopped and found out it is what keeps me living. I am still in pain 24/7 but without Gabapenton I am suicidal 24/7. I hated it at first but I don't even notice it now. (3600mg. daily.). They are throwing the term centralization syndrome around a lot. It is quite different the complex regional pain syndrome which I think you may be referring to. I have started on Low Dose Naltrexone for centralization syndrome. It helps for pain but I am having great difficulty with the side effects.

  • Have been on gabapentin for over 5 years. Present dose is 600mg 3 times during day.

    Had taken 2400 mg per day. Some I heard take 3600 mg per day in divided doses. It causes some weight gain because of peripheral edema. At night the leg swelling goes down and you get a diuretic effect. I don't think it works well when you take only at night because it is worn out by the time you waken.

    Very important that it is difficult to completely eliminate it because withdrawal needs to be over a several month period because you feel depressed. If you should forget to take it for 2 days you will be depressed but after 1 -2 doses the depression disappears.

    Otherwise I understand that it is a very safe drug as compared to narcotics.

    I also take amitriptyline 50 mg at night which lets me sleep. Although it is an antidepressant drug it is used more now days for neuropathic pain like gabapentin.

    I have levator and and the internal massage by PT the usual treatment did not help me.

    There is a Capp Travel foldable cushion sometimes helps to si. It has a central canal space that keeps pressure off the anal area.

    Hope this helps!!

  • Cushion sounds good. Can you send link please. Still searching for best one. Thanks.


    I hope it helps you!

  • Hi Rocky 68 and Icybonz12, I take Gabapentin for referred pain from lumbar spinal stenosis, the pain settled in my groin and was excruciating, it used to bring me to tears it hurt so much. The doctor put me on 4 x 300 mg Gabapentin 3 times a day, 1 in the morning, 1 in the evening and 2 when I went to bed, I now only take 3, I cut out the evening one as I am so much better. I am very lucky as I have very little reaction to any of the many medications I take, I only seem to be allergic to some I take for my COPD. I can't say specifically how long it took for me to feel the benefit of Gabapentin but it could only have been a matter of days.

    I've found one of the best places to get information on anything is Wikipaedia.

    I haven't gained any weight in fact I decided to eat a healthy diet after going on a Pulmonary Rehab Course and I have lost weight and managed to maintain a good, healthy weight. Hope this is helpful. Take care. Love Lizzy x

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