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Hello very shy new to this but I would like to share my experience and maybe get some feedback hopefully. When I first lost my virginity the sex was painful and always has been painful when I was 18 I contracted chlamydia due to unfaithful boyfriend. When I contracted it I knew something was wrong and went to the doctor. A first was misdiagnosed I went to another doctor and she diagnosed me and put me on antibiotics . As years passed by I always had lower adominal pain with lower back pain sometimes off and on period sex is always been painful like I said. I said probably 3 years ago I started experiencing a discharge a heavy discharge it stinks to the point where I have to wear pads or panty liners. I have seen multiple doctors about it. And every time they do a pap smear or take a culture from my discharge they say everything is normal to normal discharge. Now I never had a discharge before so why would one show up? So my question is do they not check for a PID during a pap smear? And with everything I have told them why haven't they took my discharge in consideration? The discharges annoying it makes me feel nasty and makes me feel unwanted which I have been in a relationship for 3 years now I never shared with him but I'm sure what you now but I have appointment Wednesday for my annual pap smear and I'm just worried. I want to be able to have children and I pray that I will be able to have children but at this point in my life I don't think I'm able to just because of the many tries accident that I have had with my partner. Also I have very heavy Cycles, in a past I had light somewhat heavy but now I have very heavy Cycles they're painful the doctor even try to do they gave me an ultrasound because I can't stop bleeding. So pretty much that's it I've been praying to God asking him for answers asking him first times just praying that I make it through this and I hope you have a good time please leave any feedback for me thank you

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you really sound as though you have been through the wars, firstly which country are you in?and secondly have you seen a gynae or been to an std or womans health clinic



Omg me to! I've been through the exact same thing at 18 I contacted claymida to from a dirty idiot boyfriend who had claymida! I went got tested when we split up five months later after him and his daft mom re assured me he was clean and got checked before me! I desided when we split to go get tested and yep positive for claymida so I got rid of it and the pains in my stomach never stopped I'm now on my 15 months of pain but now it's worse and I have bad pain during sex and now my pieriods aimt came for 4 months and I'm not pregnant I've had ultra sound some and it came back neggavtive and bloods came back clear and only thing left is swabs but I'm to scared to have them done so I got pescribed the same tablets as you for 14 days yet I'm on day six and it ain't even touched me I was Finaly thinking I would Finaly get better I guess not :( did the anti biotics show any sign of improvement for you? Is it a bad sign that on day 6 there's still no sign of improvement Xxx


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