Vigina pain!!

Hey everyone. I'm new here and I've been battling with a very sore vigina. It's red, burning, itchy, very painful, I can't wear jeans or anything right , majority of the time I have to sit with no bottoms on. It really gets me down, I actually cried this morning because I just feel alone. Doctors are useless. I've had two biopsy and they have been fine. I just need the pain and itch to go! Any help would be great . Thanks for reading

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  • you can try using Instillagel, it's a lidocaine 2% rectal, vaginal and urethral gel. Where do you live? Can you get Dr Wendy Reid to see you ?

  • I live in Scotland, I've got lidocaine 5% but after it wears off that's just no good the problems always there.

  • Have you had swabs to check for infection? Are you menopausal? If it's related to vaginal atrophy after menopause you could try some local oestrogen pessaries/cream or some vaginal moisturiser (Yes do one). A gynaecologist would be the best person to advise.

  • Yeah had all the swabs done always comes back that there is no infection it's just the skin on the labia, I'm only 23 so can't be that.

  • Maybe you need a dermatologist that specialises in gynae problems? I don't know what else to suggest. I hope you find a solution.

  • Dr Karen Gibbon in London is a specalist in dermatology. Toherwise the best out there for vulvodynia is Dr Wendy Reid at Royal Free, try and get here privately, I think's it's about 200 GBP. However she doesn't just treat vulvodynia, I recommned you see her or Karen

  • You might have a pelvic floor issue. Need to see a Uro-gyno or doctor that knows about A hypertonic floor or vulvodynia. I am no doctor but trying to help.

  • Just a thought, but since I know from experience that some people can be sensitive to sugars and carbs, I would watch your diet. I go to a vulvodynia specialist in Pennsylvania that is great. I am extremely sensitive to any sugars and it will cause what I call the "burning itch". That drives me crazy. I will take low doses of Difucan that really helps. If I don't watch what I eat it hurts to sit down or wear jeans. Also, a very old remedy to normalize vaginal flora is empty capsules that you put a little sodium bicarbonate powder in and put in the vagina. I am not advising you do this until you check with you specialist. I use Estrase on the outside nightly and this helps too. Good luck and I feel your pain.❤️

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