Bone fusion of wrist

Has anyone has op to fuse bones in wrist involving bone graft? Thanks

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  • Hi Dossy

    Have you tried posting this question in an arthritis or forum that deals with bones/orthopaedic procedures as you might get a few more replies. Take care

  • Thanks but don't know how to do That!

  • Hi Dossy

    That's not a problem. If you click on the search at the top of the page on the right hand side (shaped like a magnify glass) it will bring a box up where you can type in arthritis, or bone or orthopaedic. Just type in one of these for each search. It will then bring up a list of groups dealing with arthritis or other bone conditions. It bought up quite a few groups for arthritis when I type it in

    I hope this helps and your not in too much pain as I think you posted about bladder pain the other day which is one of the pelvic pain conditions I myself suffer from if you need any more help with your search or questions about your bladder pain just let me know and I will do everything I can to help. Take care

  • Thank you I have mow found that info The Q 're wrist fusion was for a family member


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