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Vulval skin red and painful

This problem has occurred recently and is agravated by sitting. I am also getting urethral discomfort; sort of nerve like irritating sensation. Has anyone else had a similar problem. Currently awaiting a cystoscopy and possible dilatation, which was booked prior to this occurring . Worried the redness may cause my procedure to be cancelled.

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Try not to worry, but always take the opportunity when you see your specialist to ask the questions you need answers to and discuss your concerns. All the best. XX

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Yes, I have had this occur. It was caused from vaginal muscle spasms. I didn't feel the spasms for over a year. Which I was told is not uncommon. Currently, I am on 10 mg Valium Suppositories, inserted vaginally 3 times per day.

Also, Lidocaine OINTMENT 5%, apply to area twice daily.

Have used Gabapentin Ointment, as well. For me, the oral Gabapentin Capsules have worked best.

OINTMENT only. Anything other than ointment contains alcohol, which will irritate skin more.

The redness and discomfort in Vulular area was due to the spasms pulling on that area, as well. Buttock pain eventually occurred due to being pulled as well. I used 5% Lidocaine Patch on that area. It took over a year and one half to diagnose.

I know some women get spasms in bladder as well.

I was told by my Gynecologist, when informing GYN I was having strong vaginal spasms, before an exam a few months ago, Vaginal spasms could not be seen by a Physician even on an internal exam.

I got to the point laying down was the only tolerable position.

My labia became very red, swollen, sore, and felt as if being pricked by needles.

This came on suddenly, for me.

I am not implying this is your answer.

I replied because of "the redness, aggravated by sitting" statement.

That sounded so familiar.

I No longer wear jeans, or dress pants. I have switched to leggings. The seams at crotch irritate the situation, still.

Use a mild body wash, no soap. Dove makes a body wash for sensitive skin.

Maxi dresses are great. But still, love to get home to my loose pajamas.

I wish you well.


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