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After rectoexy

Has anyone had problems after a rectopexy. My back pains when making a bm. I had pains and feeling sick yesterday, that today I had to leave work and I slept all afternoon. Wiped out.

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How long is it since you had your rectopexy? Are you constipated at all?


I had nausea feeling at the beginning after my rectopexy......



i had a rectopexy in 2012 and did not suffer the pains you described, but it is very important that you dont get constipated, if you are unsure of your pain, give your dr a ring even if it is just for reassurance



How long ago did you have the op? I had it done last year and it took me a good few months to recover. It's very important not to get constipated and not to strain. Rest lots and take things easy.


I'm the same. Soo tired, feeling sick. My lower back feels like it's full. Im putting weight on. Anyone else have these problems?


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