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NHS information leaflet from Central Manchester University Hospitals Trust

Hi All

As there seems to be continued concern over the use of mesh used in prolapse surgery I have posted a link below from the above trust that provides further information on the use of mesh in surgery, ways to reduce complications and questions that patients might like to ask including what alternatives are there instead of surgery

If anyone has had surgery for prolapse/ stress incontinence and isn't sure on the type of mesh used ( most problems relate to synthetic mesh) this information can be got from GP or surgeon or by simply requesting copies of your medical records from the hospital where you had your surgery. I have had to put this post up for a few reasons:

1) some people have had mesh used for prolapse and they haven't developed any problems but may still have some concerns or questions they would like answering

2) to balance out the 'argument' for the use of mesh although I personally would be unhappy about using anything synthetic in my body and would only consider as an absolute last resort

3) to provide further information written by healthcare professionals which covers both advantages and potential problems with synthetic mesh i.e. Smokers have an increased risk of complications from smoking than non smokers

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An excellent resource, thanks Alaine. I had mesh for my rectopexy and had no problems. I had more problems with the original non/mesh vaginal repair. Every surgery has risks. Just do your research beforehand and make the right choice for you. We are all different.

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