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Fibroid are a pain

You cant see them

No one can see when they are flaring up so you have to act like your not in amazing pain and you dont feel like murdering anyone who irritates you. And Ouch doesnt cut it.

Its like arghahhhhohS..toooohhhahhh vodka sleep! And round again!

Inbetween running back and forth to the toilet, any place any where anytime. Trains suppermarkets, my favourate, betting shops, and pubs when they say you have to buy a drink otherwise you cannot use facilities, as public toilets are dissappearing.

As 50 now i hope my fibroids dissapear too.

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Hi - why suffer when you can have surgery to remove them. Have you thought of that? Please discuss this with your GP If surgery could help you as you are suffering so much. All the best. XX

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I have one outside the womb but apparently fibroids , like the womb, get smaller after the Menopause.

But as cvbn says have you considered surgery! You have more than one fibroid and they are giving you So much trouble. I don't think you have to have a Hysterectomy. This is something you would have to explore. My Mother had internal surgery for: Bladder repair, removal of fibroids (not all, she had many) and replacement of uterus. I remember it was such fun shopping together, she'd never make it to the loo !!!

However we are all different.

But why suffer all this pain and stress?




why you running to the loo?

are you bleeding or peeing big time?

when i was menopausal i bled constantly and that terrible pains.

my doctors examinations were embarrasing as the blood was everywhere.

i got put on a 4 month waiting list for a hysterectomy.

but by the time my date came around i was right as rain except for usual menopausal no surgery for me.

i was put on synthetic hrt so the fibroids were less likely to grow. .heaven.

25 later bad pelvic pain for 5 year duration.

still no diagnosis.

had 2 polyps removed but no joy.


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