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Leaking womb and pain during intercourse

I am very miserable from pain. I suffer from bouts of pain in my lower abdomen which lasts for about 30 mins. Sometimes I ooze slippery/slummy clear for days on end. I menopaused 2 years ago. I have not been able to have sex for the past 3 months as the pain upon penetration is as if my heart is being pearced. I have had some tests but none which revealed any prolapse. A friend however, mentioned that my womb might have prolapsed. Is anyone familiar with this condition and What tests should I specifically ask my doctor to get my life back to normal?

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Hello. I would see your GP and tell them the symptoms you've described. From what I know it's a simple internal exam to check for prolapse.

They may take swabs to check for infection.

When was your last smear?

Best wishes ❤️


Thank you. I did see my GP for a series of tests which included cancer screening even my fluids were drawn for testing. I guess I will go back.


Hi Dyllis17 I would advise that you and your partner need to be screened for infection first you can get advise from your GP regarding this. Also I would advise you see a gynaecologist to explain your synptoms. Your GP can refer you. Your Gynaecologist will order the tests, ultrasounds or MRI's that you may need.

All the best and I hope you get sorted out soon. XX


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