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Pain & intercourse,, please HELP!

last night me and my botfriend tried to have intercourse since its been two months or so from we last tried anything! & things seem to be going this way alot more nowdays than before ... everything was soft and gentaly but still i feel excrusanating pian its as tho my gspot is very low because i get over stimulated very easily and swell uo i told my giney about this a while back and they thought it was weired that it swole and wanted me to call in when it went this way but im slightly scared too, but i swell around my libia evrywear inside me is now like a shut door impossible to go in amymore i personaly dont no what it feels like to try go back in but my boy friend just knows when it happens an i can only go to the tip of m nail unil i feel sore swollen wall this is so unconfortabul and painfull other time i even feel like a clamp as if he goes trew a hole thats not suppose to be there and i frezze when this happpens because off the pain and sensation and its hard for him to get out again with out hurting me still tonight im painfulll and swollen it feels like a ballon full of cement inside my pelvis i cant tke any of this much longer i cant hold it together

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Could be an allergic reaction to soaps that your boyfriend uses. The best thing to do is see the gynae dr when it happens.

Could also be psychological, in that you are anticipating pain and difficulty, so your brain makes your body act that way.

Whatever the cause, it needs treated.

Good luck.



If you were using a condom then perhaps you are allergic to latex. If not make sure you and your boyfriend wash with soap free products before inter course. Also go for a wee beforehand. Antihistamine and anti spasm tablets may also help you


painful sex is a common problem around women- that fact you are young,means getting it looked into NOW will likely resolve the problem and have it NOT get worse and create more issues in the future. I recommend listening to my interview with Dr. Debra Coady author or "healing painful sex" all archives for the my show can be found at


simply scroll through and find the show- then click on it

I wish you luck!


thankyou very much to you both for getting back to me, we do use soap with out perfumes (femix) and ive always had to go to the toliet before intercourse or i would feel uneasy ive always been that way i couldnt relax without going to the toliet, and im not allergic to latex :( , i think i will phone ahead to the gynae and get it checked im still as unconfortbul today as i was when i had the intercourse. Also ill try out the Antihistamine and anti spasm tablets, the spasms are becoming more regularly now like when im even just in te car :(.

Thanks for the help zanna & toots


thank you so much pelvicmessenger im verfy grateful. really that you so much


I would also recommend seeing a Pelvic Floor P.T. and a Pudendal Nerve Specialist. becasue it sounds like the symptoms I started with and it only got worse! The PN Specialist really helped me alot and so did the P.T.


Would i just ask my gp for a refferal? Thanku for ur advise


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