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Worried fiance

Hi looking for help my fiance had a large hernia repair done about 3 years ago after long recovery went back to work He started having a stabbing pain in op area intermittently but gradually got worse doc at hospital didn't really tell him much but gave a injection in area yeah pain gone however come back and now present all time He was told not bladder stones or hernia He takes max dose of cocodomal (anti inflammatory pain killer) but not very effective anymore We are in London. Any advice would be welcome also could a tens machine help this pain as it's not skeletal Thanks

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What sort of repair. I only know that my sister had a hernia repair with mesh and after a while the mesh got infected and has had to be cut out. go to another doctor at the practice maybe see what they think


hi worried fiance may be worth looking into painful bladder syndrome , I've still not had a diagnosis but was told by the dr that the bowel bladder & womb in woman are formed at the same stage of fetal development & share a nervous system which makes it hard to identify where the pain is coming from, hope this is of some help


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