just a quick reminder to everyone that i will be on my local radio station on monday morning to chat about my experience with pelvic pain, specifically pne and to tell the wider audience that there are a lot of us out there, men and women who are living with this pain daily.

it will be on RADIO NOTTINGHAM, at approx 10-10.10 am, if you can please listen in and wish me good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Best of luck, I'll be listening! Xx

  • Good luck Andrea. Unfortunately, I will not be able to listen. Is there any chance you could post a recording of it on this Forum? We will all be thinking of you and wishing you the very best. It will be a positive just to make the listening public aware of this debilitating condition.

  • not enough of a technophobe i am afraid, but i can always ask my son if he knows how to do it, i know you can listen online at a later date from the bbc radio nottingham website, if that helps

  • Well done and thanks for bringing this very painful, disabling and life changing condition into the public domain. Hopefully there would have been a few neurologists listening too.

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