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Hu everyone I have always been constipated but over these last couple of weeks my god it is horrendous I feel the urge to go to the toilet and then nothing happens apart from the pain I feel like I'm going to give myself an aneurism with straining and all that I am passing is like glut and blood.This can last for a couple of hours before I manage to pass a round looking pebble that looks so pale in the past I have had sodium picosulfate but even with that it doesn't clear me out.I have had colonoscopy's and they have had to stop as my colon is not empty anyone else have this

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Hi Liz, get some glyceryn suppositories from your chemist, they work in around 30 minutes and should really help you not to strain.

Movicol is good if used on a daily basis, it does take a few days to start working, but you do need to take it every day.


Thank you for answering my question I'm about of my head with it I have the copd nurse this afternoon so I will ask if she can do a prescription for something to help xx


It's awful, I had prolapse surgery nine months ago, and still need to take something.

Know what you mean about the aneurism! It does get worrying, it sounds like your system is very slow.

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Hi Laura. Can I ask you how many packets of movicol you take a day. thanks.


I don't any more, I changed my diet drastically, and take lactulose every day, and dulcolax liquid every two or three days.

I was taking one sachet of movicol a day, it doesn't seem as though it's going to work at first as it takes a few days to go through your system.

If you need to take a large dose to get you going, if you are impacted-- it could be your drugs that are causing it, or if you have copd, you won't be able to excersice enough. In that case you can take up to eight sachets.

But you need to really up the fibre and the fluids in your diet, and once things are sort of normal, stick to one sachet a day, at the same time.

Once you get regular results you've cracked it.

Good luck.


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