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Ic and plevic floor therapy

I have had Ic for 5 years and diagnosis 3 years ago by a GP at my local surgery. I have had 18 months of bladder instillation of cystast. Finished last August really hel lo. As per register advice at my local urology department at my local hospital to challenge myself to be off this treatment to see if I could go without treatment for 12 months. That hasn't worked as I have had 3 flare ups reported to the doctors. So now trying cimetidine 400mg twice a day for 14 day trial as per recommendation from the register I saw last prescribed by my local doctors. On the waiting list to go back to discuss start another course of cystast.

I follow Ic diet take 50mg amtriplyine, the pill and overstin cream. I now having

a very bad flare up. In the process of getting it under control again. Re reading Ic information came across pelvic floor therapy as it's recommend in the US as stage 2 therapy. Can you get help here on the Nhs?

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(I was diagnosed with IC by a local urogynae and then told I don't have it by Dr Baranowski at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosugery. Make of that what you will!) You can see an NHS women's health physio that know a lot about the anatomy of the pelvic floor. I have been to lots of different ones over the years and I find how well they can direct you in your exercises just depends on the skill of the professional. I am looking to get vaginal wall trigger point massage as I have ​ tenderness over bilateral puborectalis and obturator interus muscles. And tenderness over ischial spines on both sides.

I am currently trying to find a local private physio who does trigger point massage. Anyone know of one in Surrey?

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