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Help needed ASAP please!!

I have extremely bad pelvic pain, normally my right side is worse, at the start I thought it was Appendicitis and went to A&E. However it has now lasted almost 5 months and i feel it getting worse. It is worse at ovulation and before and during my period! I also get extremely bad lower back pain and an uncomfortable feeling when I urinate!! I have had countless ultrasounds but they have been clear. Urologist and radiologist said it could be endometriosis but my gynaecologist has yet to mention it? She has put me on the pill (microgynon) for 9 weeks with no break however i am nearly finished the first packet and I am still in agony! Has anyone got any advice or similar experiences? I have read that endometriosis can be excluded sometimes and not initial thoughts??


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My first thought when i started reading your post was endometriosis. But I dont think it would cause pain with urination (not sure). I would get my kidneys checked ASAP though because of your mention about back pain and pain upon urination. Dont know what test they do for that but sounds like could be kidneys.

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Hi, forgot to mention I have had my kidneys checked, i saw a urologist and had ultrasound done of both kidneys and they both looked healthy? He said to me that if he was to put his money on whether is was a gynaecology issue or urology he would go with gynae..I really don't know


Good for you for testing kidneys. I would see a different gyn who specializes in endometriosis, to find out if it's that. It is very common.


The best test for endometriosis is an exploratory laparoscopy. Ultrasound scans aren't always reliable. I had a vaginal one that found: ​

Retroverted uterus, suberosal firbiod (1cm), endometrial tissues seen climbing scar, endometrium cystic, isoecholic solid lesion with feeder vessel (polyp 1.5cm), ovaries bulky (PCO) right 13.8ml, left 9.5ml

Come laparoscopy - no endometriosis, no adhesions, no fibroid, no polyp

Hysteroscopy - endometrium not cystic.

Overall - no pathological reason for my pain. Still hurts like a !@£$@£$£@er!

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