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Pelvic instability

I got injured proximately 30 years ago in an aerobic accident teaching. I suffered a labral tear on her right leg. My initial pain went down the right side of my IT band and a little on the ad doctor. More recentLy I started experiencing a pain and I'm also close to the rectum which radiates in the evening into the vaginal area. I had a labral tear surgery at the end of September 2016. Wondering if anyone else has experienced these kind of muscle and balances and what they've done for. so many different things but looking for help because it's not going away

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I have had Rectal pain for 16 years, since a colonoscopy.

About 5 years ago I found out it's called pudendal nueralgia, & thousands of people have it in different variations. Most also have vaginal pain, bladder cystitis & more. There is a group called Pudendal Nueralgia Hope. They are a wonderful support group you can join, & share lots of information on doctors, medicine, helpful procedures. This is a wonderful group of people, who help each other with support & information.


I had nerve testing. The pudendal nerve can be fussy at times, but that's not the issue thank you for your reply. I have nerve injections and many other treatments mind begins with instability as I explained


I'm very sorry you live with this condition. There are no words to express my sadness for everyone but has this.


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