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Botox into pelvic floor and cystoscopy

I had Botox int my pelvic floor and bladder as well as a cystoscopy. I suspected IC but the surgeon said my bladder was "pristine" which leaves me at pfd. My symptoms change from burning in the outer vulva (not sensitive to touch) and then I sometimes feel like I have to pee when my bladder isn't full yet. I suspect it's all anxiety as the onset of this thing happened the day after a board exam and at a time when I instinctively knew my marriage of 20 years was coming to an end. I am on lyrica now (75 mg x 4) and many vitamins. For urethral burning I find that washing with a mixture of baking soda (natural, not arm and hammer) and water (cold) keeps the burning at bay so I suspect I'm intolerant of bleached toilet paper. I'm going to try unbleached now.

Anyone else have similar symptoms? I'm going in 3 days for Botox again but I'm not sure if I should do the bladder, the pelvic floor or both as last time I had to bend over to pee for a few weeks and thought I was retaining but when I was checked my bladder was empty. I feel like I've improved since he last injections but I have a long way to go. I'd love to hear other people's experiences with Botox and the best place to put it. I'd like to do my ab muscles as that's where the pain is referring from but I'm not sure they do that. Maybe a home Botox kit lol.

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Hi Hun, I had a cystoscopy last summer as I had endometriosis and it was suspected it was inside my bladder but my endo surgeon said it wasn't, it did show red marks almost like burns that spread through to the urothelium and so now the urologist says it could well be IS. My symptoms were of burning, stabbing pain in my bladder, urge incontinence etc. I now take gabapentin which really helps anc I'm awaiting a follow up appointment. Hope this helps xx


I have PFD + IC + vulvodynia (yay me!) -- and I have only had Botox in my pelvic floor. If your doctor doesn't think you have IC, then start with the Botox in your pelvic floor. It only lasts for about 3 months (after the initial hellish 10-14 days it takes to kick in, at least from my experience) and you can always try your bladder the next round if the Botox doesn't give you relief in the pelvic floor. For me, it provided about 60-70% relief once it fully kicked in. Honestly -- that gave me a life for 3 months that I took! I'm currently in between doctors and hope to get back on the Botox cycle because it was the only thing I've found so far to give me THAT much relief. I know I'll never be "pain-free" .

Also -- have you been tested for vulvodynia? Sounds like your external burning may have something to do with that, which can be treated with lidocaine cream to calm that down.

Best of luck to you!!



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