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Only 23 Pelvic floor dysfunction sacroiliac joint causing spasm now botox to help sexual function ?

Hey, haven't posted in a while as I've been going out of my mind lol,

Please note this maybe TMI for some of y'all lool

I have a condition were I have sexual dysfunction if you have seen my previous post of my spinal surgery etc, but the condition is that my hip to hip pelvic floor wall are in what seems spasam and are pulling outwards as if you was stretching a rubber band so there is no friction and more a loose feeling when being physical with my partner its so bad we can't be physical as It causes issues and is painful and unenjoyable,

I have a si joint condition of a false bone growing and believe that's causing the spasam also I've been cleared off nerve damage from my surgery so this is my last hope as physio is explains its muscle condition but physio give temport relief but best relief is dizapam but doisemnt last

I'm hoping to get botox the left and right of pelvic floor and hope this helps

I have appointmernt this week that struggling to pay for provably this week and surgery book a week after if all confirmed!ed but my questions are

Has anyone done it for these reasons of tight pelvic floor?

Has it worked? If not what did?

I've had botox in bladder for incontinence it works perfect do I need the same amount of botox I did for this as I has 200iu?

Do you still take medication ontop of botox?

Please leave any info I'd love to hear any info thanks in advance x

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Question: Did the bladder Botox hurt? This is my next step for my IC and I fear it. Anyway, have you tried physical therapy (internal)? I have a very tight pelvic floor and did physical therapy. The first appointment was very painful but after that it really helped. I was told that I was a lot more loosened up. Hope this helps.



Botox to bladder didn't hurt at all I was under Anastasia but the nurse who I saw before had it done without n said it was not painful. I really wouldn't fear it, after my paralysis n incontinence was as bad as it could be my life has dramatically changed from it I will continue yearly with it as it done so well. Worse cxase you need to catheterize but its easy once you know it but uti become a problem so I try not to but private message me if you want about it

I have done physio internally it made a difference then went back quickly it didn't last I guess because of my spinal problem same first was very painful but I think botox is my last hope unless someone else knows treatment for something like this lol :)

Good luck with your treatment x


I have had several injections of Botox I into the pelvic floor. They are very painful to get. But they have helped with the pelvic pain a lot. One downside I have found with botox is sagging muscles. Since botox paralyzes the muscle it no longer functions, but that is good if you're experiencing spasms. My PT made me aware that the exercises weren't strengthening my left side (side botoxed) but this was still preferable to spasm and pain. I hope this helps.


Hello! Thanks for your reply

I just had it done today how long did iut take for you to feel a difference?

I'm not in pain yet as it was under Anastasia's but my issue is my pelvic floor is dipping inwards causing no friction so if I have a relief from this I'm hoping they will just relax and function normally he said I would be able to contract them

Do you think I should try to exercise the muscles once its kicked in and kegels

N my left is a problem too

Your post has helped a lot do you know what causes your issue? X


Yes, I was damaged by mesh. Did he inject botox, how much? The first week after the shot I sometimes have rebound pain, but then it kicks in. Best wishes that this helps YOU!


Poor thing I'm sorry to hear that! I'm gladfgladf it helps you thankfully there are options, feeling pain now so resting up but I can actually feel down below again anbanbd no pulling so this is a good sign :) it so great foir your response I'm hoping this is the end n nothing else goes wrong but I'm sure it will work out he was very confident x


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