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Pain whilst sitting

Hi my names joanne

For the last year i have experienced pressure in the rectum i do have a cystecele and a rectocele and an enlarged uterus with a fibroid i get symtoms of pain whilst seated its hard to explain its like i want to pass wind but cant its like an ache next to the coxic that never goes away unless im standing. My gp says the prolapses are not big enough to do surgery but im depressed anxious with this way of living you have to sit at times! Which actually hurts me is there anyone else suffering the same way? And can offer some help

Thanks guys xx

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I would suggest you see a specialist women's health physiotherapist for an assessment. Pain could be related to pelvic floor muscle spasms, or it could be an irritated nerve. Physio could help with prolapses too. Take care.


I experience same problem. Also have problems when laying down. As a process of elimination on structural problems, I have been diagnosed with Pudental Neuralgia. I take Tramadol 50 and 150mg of Lyrica. Since problem is worse when laying down I take .5 Clonazepam so I can sleep. I also use a coccyx pillow for sitting. The PN nerve blocks were not successful for me nor the physical therapy. I do think seeing a physical therapist is a good idea as it has helped many. I've had problem for at least seven years. Rocky68

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Yes im in exactly the same boat. Constant pressure in rectum and bulging in vagina. Im at my wits end.


Best to avoid lifting especially from floor level. Best only lift small items from waist level and carry them at waist/chest level so not putting a strain on in pelvic area. Also I find it best not to stand for more than a couple of minutes or so without movement even if it's only shifting your feet about.. Or going upwards on your toes and down again. Although sitting is painful even on 2 or 3 tempur seat cushions, standing is worse for me, prolapse wise. Sitting in a recliner chair is the best , still have the discomfort etc but is better than ordinary chairs.


I have just found your post,my exact problem.The pain went a way for a few weeks,now back.


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