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Sitting bone pain


Sitting bones chronic pain - 3 years ago I foolishly went zip wiring (at the age of 70) I am pretty sure that I suffered a prolapse at that time.

I still feel like I am wearing a harness. I have to constantly sit on ice to get any relief at all. It is okay at home but not practical otherwise. I have been prescribed many different nerve pain drugs, all to no avail. Any ideas would be gratefully received.

Maureen Frost

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Sounds as a pudendal neuralgie nothing to do about i tryed everything accept surgery ( outcome of surgery are mostly failed) can t sit at all and transport myself on a scooter were i can stand on. I also cooled with look out for freezing to much i lost for two weeks my peristaltic bowel movement.

FROSTY25 in reply to willemine

Thank you for replying - let us hope things improve for both of us !

Jerry Hesch on you tube. look for his videos on either sit bone pain or pudendal neuralgia. It might help you.

FROSTY25 in reply to cricket456

How kind of you - I will certainly take a look.

cricket456 in reply to FROSTY25

I find that Jerry explains in great detail what is happening in your body and i think knowledge is everything, it provides you with information to take to your health provider. Whether they listen or not is another story!

Just in case. I get pain on my sit bones and also an irritated pudendal nerve, but I have High Hamstring Tendinopathy and this has been the cause of all of it. Strengthening my hamstring and doing glute bridges has helped a lot with the pain.

Try and find a pelvic pain specialist, you may need to pay privately.

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