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Lower abdominal pain

Hi everyone, this is my first time here.. I keep on searching about what's happening in my body it's just strange and makes me worried and frustrated. I have a 16months old baby first one, every time I feed her I keep on getting dizzy and I'm getting lower abdominal pain too it's just coming and going and moving from right to left but mostly it's on my right side, it's not very painful but i can feel it like pressure or twisting inside.. October 11-12 i got 2 positive pregnancy test but then my period came oct 15-16 not heavy then oct 17-18 spotting and oct 19 I took a blood test but came out negative, now it's 1 week after my period and I always feel dizzy and getting pain in my lower abdomin ,, I don't understand what I'm feeling now.. can anyone help me please, does anyone feel the same with me.? I'm worried 😩

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