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Pain from Pudendal Nerve Block and Trigger Point Injections

I had been suffering from Pelvic Pain for years but was improved. However, some pain still remained. I had a physical at the Cleveland Clinic and a urologist there suggested Pudendal Nerve Block and Trigger Point Injections stating that I could get better and that there were no risks associated with this. After the procedure, I was in intense pain the following day and it was hell for a months. Also, I developed tremendous pain while sitting and had pain on my penis for the first time ever.

It has now been over 6 months and I still cannot sit like I used to and develop pain. I went to a second opinion recently and was diagnosed with Pelvic Neuralgia -- apparently the branch that goes to the penis is affected. No prior MDs had ever diagnosed this, not even at the Cleveland Clinic. The new MD said the procedure that caused the problems was unnecessary. I will be doing PT and stretching only to see if I get better -- in addition to avoiding sitting (affects work and all of life).

Has anyone ever developed much worse symptoms from a Pudendal Nerve Block or Trigger Point Injections?Anyone get cured from Pudendal Neuralgia? I got better before but believe all I had was pelvic floor tension and spasms, so this is new.

This Pudendal Hope site I read was anything but hope and cannot help but feel that many of the things I read now are advertisements from MDs looking to do unnecessary procedures.

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I certainly developed more pain after pudendal nerve injections. At this time I was already in severe pain, but it just made the muscle spasm worse. Unfortunately I was soo desperate I went on to have further ones as recommended by consultant. If I had my time again I would only have them for diagnostic purposes as very few people seem to gain significant benefit. This is a difficult condition to have, you have to be your own best judge on what treatments or therapies to go for, many people have got improvements from different methods.



HI sorry to hear that you were not told about what nerve block injections can do or not do , so you could make an informed choice . I was told 1) it might make no difference 2) might make it better in the short term and 3) could make it worse . I thought 2 out of three were not good odds for me , and have not had the treatment . you need to go back and ask them why you were not fully informed . good luck and I hope things improve for you.



I just had a PN block done yesterday. I was not informed that it would not help or make it worse. I was told it's a no risk procedure that would help bringing down the issues I have with the PN.

And I get where you are coming from, I went from being totally fine to now chronic pain, that no one could figure out clearly.

But reading your post, I would suggest you see the doctor who did the procedure and ask for assistance with making this better now, and not with more nerve blocks.

I think it is difficult to find a legitimately knowledgeable doctor to deal with this issue.

I know that I've seen several places offer nerve blocks. But there are also many other treatments including physical therapy (physio), TENS, medications, etc. I've been doing PT and it's been somewhat helpful.

Was the block the only suggestion for treatment offered to you?

Look for a doctor who has experience with PN issues and who has different options to offer and who can explain the issues in a clear and logical way. Ask/look for testimonials, ratings, etc.


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