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upper back pain and bladder pain

I been suffering with upper back pain for 6 weeks and also have breast bone pain with my right side pain also went to the walk in clinic had X-ray in back and docter gave me naproxen and now I have bladder pain didn't sleep for two night peeing all the time my urine is clear just wondering maybe kidney stone?? I had a ct scan in bladder two months also urologist told me I had one stone in bladder and I had a scope in bladder about a month ago and she said bladder is fine and she didn't seem to concern about the stone in the bladder I been suffering with bladder problem for 6 years now and no docter can help me I have a lot of urgency and pain like a knife cutting inside my bladder my family docter thinks maybe ic some docters thinks uti but my culture always come back negative I didn't have a flare for 6 months that was great but now starting again just wondering if that stone in my bladder is the problem any feedback will help I'm sick on this !! And this chronic pain help

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