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Undiagnosed pain

I'm new here- and feeling frustrated with the lack of concerns my docs have with my pelvic pain. I was originally told my pain was from an ovarian cyst that ruptured (without an ultrasound)... and to take pain meds and I would be fine. Well my pain subsided. I'm now realizing it's because my period started. 2 days after my period ended it came back. The pain is a dull lower pelvic ache. It's worse when I'm sitting in the car for long stretches, and sometimes it's not too bad when I'm up walking around. It always goes away when I'm laying down. I'm just most surprised it went away during my period.

Does this sound like anything specific to any of you? Feeling defeated

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Ashdaisy, I'm going through something very similar. Pain also lessens when I have my period. So far had ultrasounds, CT scan and uterine biopsy. Not showing anything unusual but I have had ovarian cysts previously. Pain subsides (for the most part) when I lie down. Activity or sitting too long makes it worse. Pain really ramped up in June - 5 trips to Emergency, morphine for pain and one month flat on my back its so bad. No answers - on gyno No. 2 now as first one didn't want to investigate further. Very frustrating as I'm out of sick leave and no diagnosis. Hope you get some answers soon.


I had something similar, after 9 years of pain, it was the cartilage of my hip socket was torn. I just had a hip replacement. It is a painful surgery, but hoping I will get better.


You had a total hip replacement return hip joint which is the labrum. Unless you had something different I just had the same thing


I had a labral tear in my right hip just had it repaired after 30 years of pelvic pain not similar to yours but it should be investigated can cause lots of issues. And balance in your structure pelvic region etc.


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