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Bladder problems not urine infection? Anyone have similar?

Hi all, I have been getting sharp pains in lower adnomal and when I have a wee , I need to go again after before I have even finished washing my hands! Also I get a pain at end of going a wee? No infection found? Had bowel surgery last dec, and have problems so not sure if connected as get bowel spasms ... Thanks for your help

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Hi Simmie3

Two things spring to mind when I read your post. The first is that you mentioned you had bowel surgery last Dec. It's possible that your pelvic floor has tightened up which can cause both pain and bladder problems. I don know if you've had pelvic physiotherapy where a women's physio checks your pelvic floor muscles. It maybe that you have tightness of the muscles or a combination where some of the muscles are tight and some loose.

Another possibility is that you may have painful bladder syndrome also known as IC. No infection will be found during a routine dipstick test in the GPs or when it is sent to microbiology at the hospital.

It maybe in the first instance you choose to explore the pelvic floor dysfunction route first which might help your bowel spasms at the same time. Have they tried buscopan for your bowel spasm or isn't it allowed? It has helped me a little when I've had bladder spasms. Let us know how you get on and I hope you get some relief soon

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Thanks so much. More useful than the doctors

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