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Was diagnosed with PID 6 years ago

Hi ladies,

6 years ago I was diagnosed with PID I was 18 at the time and didn't really understand what I had cause it took 3 doctors to figure out what was going on with me. I was finally diagnosed with PID and was givin antibiotics, I don't recall the name. Just remember being in tone of pain and having a lot of medication to take. 6 yrs have pasted, time to time I get abdominal pain on the lower end toward my vaginal to my belly button. As if the PID pain never goes away. Is this normal or should I be concerned I'm in a long term relationship my current time partner is amazing! I'm worried this will affect us from having babies in the future doany of your ladies know if I will be able to have kids and if these pains should still be happening to me.

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Also, I recently seen my doctor a month ago an all std test came back normal.


Ive had lid for 6 years and the doctors said I'd be lucky to conceive if your having pains sounds like inflammation which could be an infection do you have pain through your nervous system chronic pain its pain with no inflammation if so thatsmore serious and like me it can make life hell but go to the doctors and ask to be checked for all infection if its still present if tests say all clear go to GU medicine as doctors don't test to chlamydia or gonnereah hope your OK xx


Hi. PID is awful isn't it. I had it last year. Ended up in hospital on drips as the infection got so bad. Drs think I had it for years as I had abscesses in my tubes and pelvic organs stuck together. The infection was drained in an operation but I still get pain from adhesions and dr said I should expect pain. I now have infertility issues because of it.

If i were you I'd ask to be checked out by Gynae specialist and have an internal scan. Just to make sure everything is ok. My swabs came back clear so don't know the cause but was left too late so you're better off getting thoroughly checked. Damage can be prevented if it is dealt with early. Don't mean to scare you and I really hope you're ok, but it is best to explore now. Good luck.


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