I am nearly 17 in a few days and I have never felt so alone. People think I lie about my pain. What I don't understand is how the doctors told me I had pulled a muscle, been anaemic to they think it's my kidneys to know I had an ultra sound scan and they saw on my right ovary that is was very large with white spots which they called it endometriosis but a few weeks later I got told it was just thrush which I had no symptoms for.

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  • I understand where your coming from am only 19 took a full year for them to diagnose me with Endo I have recently had operation to remove it but still feeling the Same don't give up keep pushing honestly !!

  • I'm sorry to here that Hun. I am trying to fight it, it's just so painful no one can understand what we go through unless they have gone through the pain, they need to find a cure🙁 I keep being put on and off different medication nothing helps the pain

  • Tell me about it I can't even walk the now am in that much pain my legs my arms where are you from X

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling that way and I'm from England, Lutterworth you X

  • The pain if endometriosis is horrendous. I have had since I been about 20. I have had numerous operations to remove but nothing lasts. You just get adhesions from surgery and these bring a whole new range of problems. Don't feel alone endometriosis has many sufferers. If u need to talk message me x

  • I don't realise how many people Suffer from it till I found this webpage it makes me feel better talking to people who are suffering too because they understand what we are going through. I've been put on lizinna and mefenamic acid tablets to help stop the pain but I find nothing works like we have to live with it :( x

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