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Hi I'm new to this site.

I'm wondering if anyone has had the mirena coil fitted, and had abdominal pain and complications after?

My journey of chronic pelvic pain started when I had the mirena coil fitted - i remember having severe abdominal cramps almost straight away. I contacted the clinic where I had it fitted and my doctor surgery, who both said this was normal and it would take several months to settle down. It wasn't until I nearly collapsed with pain that I had an emergency ultrasound scan which showed the mirena coil close to my cervix. The doctor removed it straight away and issued me with 2 lots of antibiotics and a sick note, telling me I had an infected pelvis. I never had any follow up appointments to this as the doctor said the antibiotics would sort it out.

After going to see my doctor several times he referred me to see a gynaecologist due to my ongoing abdominal pain.

My gynaecologist explained that he would need to do laparscopic surgery to determine the cause. I had my first post Nov 2013 which diagnosed endometriosis. My second operation in April 2014 was to remove the endometriosis - I I still had the same abdominal pain as before my operation. Eventually my gynaecologist said I had adenomyosis so April 2016 I had a hysterectomy removing my womb, tubes and cervix - unfortunately this hasn't worked either. In fact my symptoms are worse now than they were before. The pathology results showed there was no endometriosis in my womb - do its no surprise it didn't help with my pelvic pain.

Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone else have any ideas what could be going on? I'm desperate to feel well again. Xx

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Hi Claire, was this all done by a general gynaecologist? Did you have excision or ablation to remove the endo?


Hi, the operations were done by agynaecologist who also specialise in endometriosis. I believe the endometriosis was removed by endo ablation xx


Hi Claire, you really need to get a referral to a BSGE centre where there are specialist surgeons who will excise(cut out) the endo.

From the sound of it I would say that either the endo has regrown, which it will do with ablation, or some has been missed.

Join the endo group on here and search for a lady called Lindle and look at her posts on treatment pathways and on how to get a referral to a BSGE centre.

Good luck.


Hiya - thanks for the advice. My consultant has discharged me as he said only have my ovaries left so from his point of view I need a referral to urology. My gp has said I may never get a diagnosis and that I have to learn to live with the pain ;(

I have been given lots of pain killers so cause of the above I'm unsure if my gp will agree to do a referral xx


They can't refuse. Have a look at Lindle's posts. You can message her if you need to.

She has helped so many of us , I know she can help you.


Hiya, I just googled bsge centre and my consultant is a member.

Not sure what to do I'm left with more pain now that what I had before my hysterectomy ;(



Have pm you


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