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Hi i play football and we have practice in the morning and i always have to poop at the wrong time it seems when im at practice ill have to but as soon as i get home i dont have to well the other day we were running while i had to poop and i started getting a lot of pain on my right pelvic side and later on it was painful when i would have tp release gas the next day it was hard to run because of my pain there also i havent been able to poop right see feel like i have to poop but when i go to nothing comes out or not as much as it feels like

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My son had issues of having to run to the bathroom during basketball games, or any kind of exercise. He ended up having his gallbladder removed. The doctors found five stones. You might want to have an ultrasound to make sure your gallbladder is ok!


Have you tried anything to help with BMs? I use Citrucil & 1/2 dose of Mirslax in huge glass of water daily. If you are having a lot of gas, you may have SIBO, which causes all kinds of stomach issues, bloating, gas, diahrea constipation. There is a home test you can take for diagnosis. You'll need to go to a gastroenterologist for the test.


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