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PID please any advice!

Hello ladies

In writing súper desperate now it's been 7 months of the same tests and no solution. I am certain that I have PID but nothing has helped it - I've had doxy twice and zinnat and it has not helped. What are my other options? Swabs swabs are all negative all the time they just want to do the same swabs surely there is other tests available .. My white cell count is high - my body is fighting infection and I'm starting to feel physically ill and finally feeling a little fever here and there... Do I need to drop dead for the dictors to take me seriously!? Vulvodynia and cystitis blah blah but my symptoms don't match it. I now have frequent discharge and the typical burning sensation plus itch that is intermittent . I'm borderline nervous breakdown - please any advice I'm sure others have been in this situation. Thank you in advance x

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Keep on at Drs. I have found them to be very cautious to say the least. Eventually I have told them what I want them to do for me and it getting done. Only taken 4 years !!

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Have you ever had an ultra-sound of the pelvis, your GP could order that. Get your GP to assist you more and to take your symptoms seriously. Ask your GP which speciality you should be referred to. There is no point going back to the same team of doctors if they are not helping you. You could consider a urologist, neuro - urologist or a different gynaecologist. Hope this helps.

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