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Femoral hernia

Anyone out there had a femoral hernia and if so how did you get it diagnosed?? I've read alot online about femoral hernias being very difficult to diagnose and all I can find are articles in America ( Im in uk ) about women having these 'hidden hernias' and the smaller they are the more painful they are.. I've had chronic left sided pelvic pain for 2 years now which started 10 days after a lap I had for stage 3 endometriosis.. my symptoms really do fit with a femoral hernia ( or maybe im just desperate ha ha I'm sure you know how it is! ) and i just had a swelling which came up just along the crease of groin after a crippling flare up of pain i had at the weekend which did look very simular to pics online of femoral hernias ( which has gone back down now)... any advice would be greatly appreciated x

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My gyno thought I had a hernia as I had pain that wouldn't go away after I was treated for a vaginal bacteria and a uti. I went to a surgeon, had a CT scan. Nothing was found but still had pain. Went back to gyno, tried steroids and valium for one week. Went away while on steroids, came back immediately after. I am now in therapy, pelvic floor therapy. It is helping but along with it comes pain. My pudendal nerve is irritated as well as many muscles in my pelvic floor. It helps to know I wasn't crazy so dealing with the pain is easier emotionally. Mind you this is all on my left side. Valium is the best muscle relaxers for pelvis, I learned.


My left side also looks swollen . Have you had a CT scan to rule out any type of hernia. That's where I would start. It shows everything but nerve inflammation.


Hi Rainy I have thought about valium I don't even know if it's muscle spasm so would like to try to see if it makes a difference, only thing I take is codine with paracetamol which can take edge off but I can't take that all the time as it's so constipating. I've only had MRI last year which was looking for endometriosis. Most of the battle is getting someone to help at the moment all Dr's I've seen have been pretty rubbish! I hope you're doing okay it's not easy this constant pain is it.. best wishes


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