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MRN report?

Hello everyone, I had an MRN about 2 months ago. My doctor specifially requested a pudendal nerve scan. Apparently I do have a problem with the left one. But the report is very veeeery long and full of terms. I hope I can translate it correctly, it writes that the left pudendal nerve is asymmetrical and intense where it runs between the sacrotuberous ligament and sacrospinous ligament; the left pudendal nerve, which is adjacent to the obturator internus muscle, is thicker and more intense than the right one (so is the inferior rectal nerve.)

But the fact is none of the doctors could tell if its neuralgia or entrapment. They keep calling it entrapment but I highly doubt if anyone knows the difference. Can MRN determine this? I read that it is impossible to know if you have PNE or PN prior surgery.

P.S: I have never done squatting, never did heavy exercise, had birth etc. It just appeared out of nowhere.

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Hi, well at least you know which nerve is causing the problem. I would phone the consultants secretary and say you need him to get the information from the person who did the MRN. Also you need to ask him what the treatment is i.e does it need surgery. If it is entrapment you will need surgery. The next thing is if that is the case to find a pudendal nerve surgeon. This you will have to research also ask the doctor if he can help you find someone. All the best.


Hi, I just texted him, hopefully he knows the difference. By the way, do you know if the pudendal nerve can be entrapped between a ligament and a muscle? I know that it can be entrapped between two muscles OR two ligaments but I don't know if a muscle can pinch the nerve between a ligament.


Here is 2 pelvic doctors' opinions about whether the MRN can distinguish between PN and PNE:

I don't know if you've read that already, but wanted to send you that link in case.

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Thank you, I did read it actually but I couldn't find much information on MRN reports.


The MRN is supposed to be a diagnostic test performed by medical imaging experts. They should state on the report where the pudendal nerve is trapped. You cannot figure this out by yourself - you need to get your Doctor to get you this information and help you to find the appropriate specialist to treat you. To answer your question, the pudendal nerve can be trapped in the sacro-spinous ligament, the sacro-tuberous ligament, the Alcocks Canal and the ischael spines. You can get further verification from I can understand your frustration but I would insist on clarification as you need to know if it can be treated by a pain management specialist if it is pudendal neuralgia, or if it is PNE it will need releasing by a surgeon specialising in PNE. Good Luck. Keep in touch if there is anything else we can suggest to help you.


Hi PNist, where did you get a mrn scan ?? Do you live in the U.K??? Or do you live elsewhere ?? I live in the U.K ( unfortunately) but I would love to have one of these mrn scans


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