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I've had pelvic pain for many years. So many doctors and surgeries. One doc even told my husband it was all in my head! Finally found a urologist who said it was pelvic floor dysfunction. Now I'm doing therapy and got into a pain clinic. The first thing my urologist did was put me on valium but you use it vaginally. It has worked wonders! Anyone else do this?

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  • I've tried valium suppositories twice (from 2 different compounding pharmacies), and they didn't seem to have any effect on me, but I've heard others say it helps them. And then the oral valium just knocked me out cold, even at half the lowest dose. But oral xanax definitely helps me. Xanax is the best muscle relaxant, by far, that Ive tried. Unfortunately, it often makes me drowsy, too, so I use it sparingly. Low dose methadone has been the best at erasing the nerve pain (for 6 hours) while giving no noticeable side effects.

  • Yes I' very done Valium suppositories. So happy they worked for you. Did nothing for my chronic floor pain.

  • instead of suppositories I just get the pills a little wet and insert. The doc says it's more powerful this way

  • valium/ diazepam helps really well for pelvic pain if your in spasm but taking high doses three times a day causes drowsy feeling, but when used down below apparently you get less through the blood stream and should help take that away, I'm hoping to try backlofen as diazepam did worsen my symptoms using it through the day but better for night time pain

    wish you the best x

  • How do you apply the Valium? Is it compounded, or do you use the pill?

  • I use the pill at night. You get it a little wet so it will dissolve and insert into my vagina. It doesn't make me sleepy at all but I only use one pill daily. Some people get it in suppository form but I don't have any problem inserting the pill

  • Thanks!! My Dr. prescribe a compounded suppository, but it didn't really work, was really expensive, and my insurance didn't cover the cost. I had tried the pill vaginally, but it always seemed to come out. Wetting it must be the secret. I just tried that today,and hopefully It will help me come off my "break through" pain meds during the day. (I take an extended relief pain med at night). Can you tell me what dosage you take?

  • I have never heard of this. Was it a GP or consultant that trialled this. Can you give me their details. thank you

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