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Anyone had a myomectomy?

Hi all, has anyone had a myomectomy? I've had endo removed and they've found a 13cm fibroid which will cause problems with a pregnancy which we hope for post recovery so the consultant will be removing it in June. I'd be really interested in the basics of recovery, hospital stay, pain levels, emotional side effects during recovery, return to work. Thanks everyone X 

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Hi there, I had the myomectomy several years ago but it was very successful. You will be on heavy painkillers re morphine for a while to help numb the pain post op. Nothing to worry about if you have the support of friends and family. No lifting, bending etc for a while. I went on to have a second child soon after the op. The consultant said it was like a football.

The bleeding became much better after but over the years has increased again. All the best.


Hey, thanks so much for this. I had the myomectomy on Monday so I'm on day 4 of recovery and leaving hospital today. The morphine made me really sick so they've been working out alternatives but I have my fingers crossed the pain eases soon! Thanks a lot. X


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