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New to the site. Pelvic pain, recommended for laparpscopy, undecided on the procedure

Hi, I have had pain in my abdomen for around 5-6 mnth now, maybe a little longer, sometimes feels like severe menstrual cramps, stabbing pain, and can sometimes feel like someone has hold of my insides and is pulling/stretching them.

The pain can be right low down in my groin, or a little higher to around my belly button. Mostly on the left side, but does occur on both. It doesnt happen every day, its every other day to every few days and can last for anywhere between half an hr to all day long. The pain is excrutiating at times, and can be really painful during sex and gets worse during my periods which are completely irregular, but no idea what is causing this. I have the Mirena coil which has been in place since Jan 2015.

My doc referred me for an Ultrasound which came back fine (checked for hernea on my bowel, and ovarian cysts as well as confirming like ive already been told previously that my coil is in place - I was worried it may have perforated the tissue)

I was told during the US that the follicles on my ovaries looked 'slightly chunky' - ace professional, medical description - but is still normal.

After this, I was referred to a gynaecologist. I had the appointment on Friday 29th April so only a couple of days ago. Again, she confirmed my coil is in place as it should be, and took a few swabs, though she didnt say what this was for and I completely forgot to ask during my appointment. I had my smear last year also which came back fine.

She then did an internal examination, sat me back down and told me everything looks and feels completely normal, and couldnt tell me much more than that. She said she thinks it may be my large intestine with the type of pain and where it is but Im not convinced - I have IBS & know the kind of pain it gives me, and the pain I experience is always more severe during my period, when I have them.

She said she doesnt think it is endemetriosis.. but to rule this out 100% would mean having a laparoscopy, so they can physically see whats going on inside. I asked whether any signs of endo would have shown on the US - she advised that it wouldnt.

I suppose with a lap they would also be able to see if it could be something else causing the pain, so I would have a better chance at getting an answer as Im getting really disheartened now with no one being able to tell me whats going on inside my body thats causing this. However, I dont want to go through the procedure to be told again that they havent found anything, and for me to have to take a week off work for the privelege.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice? What you think this could be, if anyone else has been through something similar with similar pain/symptoms? Any advice is much appreciated!!

Thank you in advance.

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It may be that you have a tight pelvic floor. A women's health physio with advanced training, so she can work on you internally may help.  I have pudendal neuralgia and get deep period type pains in my lower andomen , plus nerve pain in my perineum. My pelvic floor is very tight and I have found a PT who is helping a lot. I am in the UK. Good luck.


Thank you all of you! I definitely will Lindle! Allthatjazz123 do you get the pains constantly? I havent heard of that as an issue before. I do do pelvic floor exercises, could that maybe be causing the issue? Ill have a read into it x


Look up the side effects of the Mirena birth control device. I am pretty sure it is causing you problems. Especially if you didn't have them before this device. What you are describing sounds like what has happened with other women. Wish you the best of luck!


I've dealt with horrible pain for years and been unable to get a diagnosis. I had a laparoscopy for suspected endometriosis a few days ago. I was nervous about the procedure but I would do anything to find out what's causing my pain. Even though they didn't find anything, I'm glad I had it done. It was not a big deal, I went home the same day. I was nervous about the 3 hour ride home but I actually felt good. Better than I've felt in a long time, probably due to pain meds, but I was not drugged out either. I was totally clear headed. Message me if you want more info on what they did. Being that it was my first surgery, reading descriptions from people who had it done really helped me.


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