Help my daughter please!

Can someone help me? My daughter is 16 and was diagnosed with PID. Her pain has been unbearable and its killing me... She's been on meds for 4 days. I know it'll take time to start helping, but she's having a horrible time walking. Her left leg doesn't want to seem to work and she says it feels like stabbing pains are running through it. Its bad enough she has to lift it to just lay down. Its a little swollen. We've been to her doctor and er twice. Is this normal? I just wandered if anyone else with PID has gone through this??

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  • I don't have PID, but your daughter is lucky to have someone advocating for her. Keep researching until you find the answers to your questions. 

  • I've never had PID, but it doesn't sound normal that it would affect leg movement or swelling. I would up back to doctor or A&E department to get it checked out. Better safe than sorry.

  • It sounds like leg pain can happen. I never had PID, but in WebMD it says that sometimes there is back pain and pain shooting down the legs. The link won't paste for some reason but google "pelvic inflammatory disease leg pain" and the WebMD entry should be on the first page of results. It also says it's 90% of the time from untreated chlamydia or gonnorhea so if she had that then I would be pretty sure it's from PID and not a mystery diagnosis.

  • i hear your plea... my condition is killing my family too... hard thing to see a otherwise healthy young person go through,,,, i am sorry for your pain... hers cause i get and and the family for enduring what no one should endure....

  • other people here should know something...  take a wide approach... see any specialist these girls can think of... having a parent addcovate gives a victim multiple times the help than when they are alone... something about drs thinking one person is putting on some act... a parent can confirm the hell and get all the balls rolling that would otherwise not be done...

  • Hi cd6979 I don't want to scare you by detailing my history with pid infection however I've had pid infections intermittently for a while. Unfortunately my pid is extremely painful from my belly button downwards I can say I've experienced pain everywhere, but often goes into my back and legs. When the pain comes on I have often felt my legs go from under me and there's nothing I can do but sit and breathe through it. 

  • The left leg pain, swelling, and effecting function is possibly due to something pressing on a nerve and possibly effecting the venous return causing the swelling. What this could be needs to be investigated by a gynaecologist initially and maybe a neurologist. I would suggest you ask your GP to refer you to a Gynaecologist first and see if there is any ultrasound or other imaging that can be done. Who diagnosed your daughter with PID?  I would  ask your GP to refer your daughter ASAP for a gynaecologists opinion of these symptoms.  Write them down for your GP and Gynaecologist / Neurologist. All the best. I hope your daughter gets better soon.

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