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Pudendal pain ?

Hi. I hope you will be able to help me. For some time I have had peripheral neuropathy in my feet due it was thought to my autoimmune disease. About a year ago I began to feel swollen in my perineal area. First I was given treatment for thrush but the swab was negative. GP said there was nothing to see. Next visit another GP gave me some cream ..?Sylph . Next visit oestrogen cream. By this time my perineum was burning....mostly in the evening and also felt v swollen. Next an internal vaginal exam as I wondered if I had a prolapse because of the pressure. All normal. Cortisone cream.

All the time the burning sensation in both areas is getting worse.

I had a spinal scan last year which showed a spondylolisthesis and a generally tatty spine......but I am 72 !

Where should I go from here. Ten minute GP appointments just don't do it.

Sorry this is so long but I felt I nearly set fire to the bed last night and am getting a bit desperate.

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What autoimmune disease do you have?


Sjogren's Syndrome (systemic)


Go see your gynecologist and request step down injection for pain management. My doc is using half lidocaine and half marcain. It an injection in those specific areas. Burns like hell for about 10 seconds. Heaven for a few days then a week a d so on. Best wishes.


Thank you Sunflower.


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