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Hi everyone, I was wondering if you could help me and see if any of you are having the same symptoms like me. I've been on the pill for nearly 2 months and only this second month I've started having a little bit of blood, well I think. Ever since I've been on this pill I've been feeling sick, bloated, dizzy, my stomach is still very tender from the birth of my son from 9 weeks ago as he was 10 pound 4, very down due to the hormones and a lot of discharge that constantly smells of blood but sometimes no blood is there which is so confusing, everyone has told me that they think I have a bug but it's been much longer than what a bug would usually be and sometimes I'm very constipated and tired, I have still got irregular bleeding but only a little bit, sometimes red and sometimes brown, hope someone can help me as I need opinions, and sometimes abdominal pain, thank you xx

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  • I would suggest that you go back to your doctor and discuss your symptoms. If the discharge continues, especially if you have had it since the birth, you should ask for some swabs to be done to rule out infection. I don't really know much about the pill you are on, but definitely discuss it with your doctor. It's s very hard thing to have a newborn and not feel well, and it is quite normal to feel a bit down due to the hormones etc. I hope this helps. Take care.

  • Hi - are you taking the pill for contraception or has it been given as a treatment for something? In the past have you had any period problems (heavy, painful, clotty) and other pelvic pain with your cycle or at other times? You have mentioned tiredness, constipation and abdominal pain - is this just since taking the pill?

  • For both really, and yes I suffered extreme period pain before having my baby and I went on the microgynon pill, so this is the first time I've ever used on the cerelle pill, I'm not pregnant I know that, I mean I still have tiny little clots now and again, just don't know when I'm on my period as it's always irregular since I've been on cerelle, and yes with the constipation abdominal and tiredness, I was really unwell after giving birth,my iron went down to 82 and was given iron tablets, wasn't a good labour either x

  • Hi Daniella - I think you should be investigated for possible endometriosis and unfortunately GPs are generally not too cooperative as most know little about it. You may wish to join the Endometriosis UK community on here. x

  • What is it? Is it concerning? Do you think I might have it?

  • Because I'm also feeling very dizzy lately :( spun out you know?

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