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Pelvic pain/bladder

I have been suffering with what I thought was chronic bladder pain for 8 years now following severe bladder infections. I have had what I thought was two bladder infections in the last 2 months but nothing has come up in the tests. I felt like I knew the difference between my usual pain and even my usual flare up pain and an infection, now im not so sure. I stopped taking herbal medicine a while ago which was keeping it at bay and not curing it. Since I stopped taking it ive been extremely prone to what I though I was experiencing was an infection. I can no longer do somethings incase of triggering an 'infection' which lasts around 1 - 2 weeks even with lots of teas, anribiotics, de mannos. I read an artical recently about a woman who had gotten an excruciating Uti and went to her Dr who denyed her antibiotics because she could not detect an infection, much to her dismay as she was in incredible pain. Of course her Dr sent the sample to the lab anyway (where no bugs were found) but decided to also send her to a pelvic floor physio therapist. Reading this artical I was surprised I had never heard of this. She claims her physical therapist found trigger points in her pelvis which were sending pain into her bladder. After some subsequent treatment and self therapy she was 100 percent or close to better. This made sence to me because to be honest my pelvis is sore alot of the time and it would make sence there was alot of tension there, having suffered so many bladder infections. I also had run into a severe bout of thrush resently after taking antibiotics and realised my bladder felt a whole lot better after taking Fluconozole, although the symptoms just kept returning. I ended up taking 5 doses within a month and also stated taking Chinese medicine captuals for this specific condition which seemed to help. The bladder pain from the thrush made me think that my pelvic muscles were responding to the thrush making my bladder pain worse. I also always feel better in the morning and worse at night possibly due to tension developing during the day, and have stress incontinence with specific excersize, I think because my pelvic muscles are so tight they are weak. The next step in my journey to wellness will be to get in contact with a physical therapist who specialises in pelvic floor dysfunction. If anyone can relate to this please let me know. Thanks for reading :)

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Best of luck with the next step in your journey to wellness :)

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Thankyou :)


Yep, have your heard of Professor James Malone-Lee?


No I havent. Im going to be living in Melbourne Australia next year. Where is he based? Thanks :)


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