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Pelvic inflammatory Disease? Please help!

I've previously been diagnosed with PID, but that was many years ago! I've recently been suffering from what I believe to be the same symptoms. Pain during sex (excruciating to the point of healing over), and the pain will last sometimes for hours. I can't even walk or stand up straight! And it only starts during intercourse. The thing is... I've been with the same man for 5 years. He's amazing and I have absolutely no worries of him sleeping around... so how can I possibly contract this disease? A very important question for anyone who has experienced this type of pain... is it similar to the feeling of having air in your vagina? I'm sure someone knows what I am speaking of. Your man might move the wrong way and let some air in? I've had that before, and this is kinda what it feels like. So of course when it first happened, that's what i assumed, and I told my man to be more careful. But what are the chances of that continuing to happen? Another thing is that I have no discharge, as of yet. Any ideas on what is going on? How would I get PID without an STD?

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