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Endometrum of 7.8 MM thickness

My wife has gone through Pelvic scan today due to severe pelvic pain for last one months followed by UTI(5 months). Today, during the scan they have observed her left ovary is under uterus and doctor termed to be Entometriosis? (Not Trusted)

and report Impression shows proliferative endometrum of 7.8 MM (8-10mm is accepetable during proliferation phase as per some blogs.Not sure)

and she took the scan on 7th day of her mensus cycle.

Now doctor has prescribed for Duphastson ((2*21)and mefalspas(2*2).Can someone help me confirm that this result is something related to Entometriosis or something else...bit confused as first doc as suspected for PID and given medicine for 14 days but post scanning it was not PID.

only medicine which is effective on her was ciplox tz but pain reoccur after the course of medicine(7 days)

Need some experts to review this so that i take her to a good doctor.

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Endometriosis (endo) can only be properly diagnosed with surgery, this is done using laparoscopy surgery which involves 3 or 4 tiny 1 cm incisions into the abdomen. It is keyhole surgery and recovery time is only one or two weeks, this surgery should confirm if it was endometriosis or pid. From the scan it sounds like the left ovary is not in correct position but this could be due to endometriosis or adhesions and adhesions can be caused by PID and by Endo.You mentioned your wife was on the 7 th day of her period, which is a long time so it sounds like she bleeds heavily, this and pain are symptoms of Endo. I am a patient not an expert but from a Google search the first drug you mentioned duphaston is not in use in the UK,it was discontinued in 2008 and I don't know anyone who has used this . I think the other mefalspas one is another name in India for tranexmic acid which is used to reduce heavy period bleeding and is given to sufferers of heavy periods, I was prescribed it in the past. You should try to find a gynaecologist endo expert who is highly trained in performing laparoscopy surgery as they can the excise any Endometriosis during the laparoscopy surgery and free the ovary if it is stuck. In the UK the contraceptive pill, mirena coil and gnrh drugs are most common medications used to try to control Endometrosis, if you are not trying to conceive. For pain anti inflammatory drugs such as diclofenac may help or codeine if the pain is severe. Turmeric and ginger have natural anti inflammatory properties.On another note when I was diagnosed with endometriosis I had suffered from uti infections a few times.


Just to add to the useful response below. I took Duphaston for several years after trying all the other medications ( without long term benefit ) for endometriosis. It was prescribed by a French gynaecologist as part of HRT treatment along with a gel that was fantastic and got me though the menopause as naturally as possible given my history with endometriosis. I wish I had been prescribed it much sooner as it suited me well. It is a pity it is no longer available in the UK. The Duphaston may help but the cause of your wife's symptoms could be endometriosis or PID or even both.

It is worth following Jahou's suggestion to see someone in India who is experienced in Endometriosis.

Do let us know how you get on and Good luck



Really thankful for your valuable inputs and i am planing consult with some experts ,will get back with my experience soon.


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