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Canadian Practitioners?

Hi All,

Nice to see so much info shared here.

As I'm located in Western Canada, I'm wondering if any readers could suggest practitioners with interest in the areas of nerve compression and pelvic pain.

My family Dr. is wonderful, but after MRI's of the Lumber spine, Lumbar Plexus and a diagnosis of nonsurgical disc extrusion at L1-L2 the investigation has ended.

For the past three years I've had unrelenting pain along the distribution of the Ilioinguinal Nerve.

I'm wondering if a nerve block from a more distal point than the spine could be helpful, but the Radiology center will not do this without imagery of compression at the site.

Where does one go to pursue this further?

I've had initial investigations by a Gynecologist, an Internist, Spinal Center, as well as the "out of pocket" expenses for Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists, Physio, IMS [dry needling], Pilates, massage,...even nontraditional healers.

My wish is to live a pain free, active life without pills but my hope is almost gone.

Any ideas?

Many thanks....

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Are you close to Vancouver? Diane Lee is a very well known pelvic floor therapist. She may have recommendations in your area as well if she isn't close to you.


Thanks for the recommendation Lisa. I'm closer to Calgary than Vancouver but I will Google what Diane has to offer.

I had pelvic floor work done at a local physio. Tightness being a byproduct of chronic pain, she was able to release some trigger points.

But, I'm hoping to find an answer about managing/fixing the root cause of my nerve problem [ilioinguinal].

Perhaps there is no clear fix but I need some answers!

Thanks again.....


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