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Has anyone here with pudendal neuralgia recently had success with a DRG implant?

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Just wondering. I'm waiting to hear back re: insurance approval for a DRG neurostimulator and I've heard of a few success stories. Just wondering if anyone here has been successful with the same.

I know there are some older threads re: DRG, and also something called wave stim?? Just wondered if there are any newbies who can report in.

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I had both drg & scs 8 day trials. Drg reduced pain by 30%; retrograde scs reduced by 70%. I had the permanent scs end nov & there is definite improvement but I’m still working w reps to program as implant heals in place.

Everyone is different as we know well.

Good luck & let us know. (Many ins view stim as experimental for PN so my doc codes as coccydynia & chronic pain syndrome which are approved. I learned the hard way & wasted 5 months w appeals and eventually went to diff doc.

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Puffsplus2008 in reply to Rxmom

Never heard of retrograde stim. Good to know another possible treatment, thx.

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Lexi1221 in reply to Rxmom

Where were your leads placed? Where is your pain? I had DRG placed 2X first by S2 and S3 second L1 and S2. I have vaginal and rectal pain. Neither has worked very well.

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Jev1972 in reply to Rxmom

What brand? Currently running a Medtronic trial.

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Shelall in reply to Rxmom

Yes where were leads placed and what device? 70% improvement is great.

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I don’t trust it....it’s a foreign body. Not natural. Good luck.

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I had DRG Implant Jan 2018. So far 50-60% relief. I had difficult time getting to the correct adjustments since I was having so many spasms from PN it was hard to differentiate between my spasms and the DRG stimulation signal. I can only say for myself it has been beneficial but everyone is different. I have several posts out there you can read. Good luck and let us know how you do. Rocky 68

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Puffsplus2008 in reply to Rocky68

Thanks for sharing. I don’t get pain in spasms, so I wonder if that’s better or worse for prognosis. Still waiting on ins approval at this point.

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