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Pelvic floor issues

Diagnosed with peudenal nerve entrapment, chronic pelvic pain (burning sensation in vaginal cavity), Have sever pain after walking over several 100 ft. Dr also diagnosed rectocele prolapse. Have tried PT, nerve blocks, pain meds. nothing works. Currently trying aquatic exercises to strengthen pelvic floor. HELP? Dr. has recommended rectocele prolapse surgery...which I fear may make the pain worse. HELP?? any suggestions?

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Bit late at night/ early morning for me to be thinking straight, but I feel you need to ask for a second opinion. If only I had done that before my mis diagnosis op causing Pudendal probs.

Do you have prolapses ?

Rectocele may be a problem, but there again it may be possible to live with it.

Pudendal nerve entrapment. I can understand your predicament. I too have a pudendal nerve problem. Hence, I am still awake at 2am


Rectocele repair operation caused my pudendal nerve entrapment. We are all different, there is no 'one size fits all' treatment for this. But think long and hard and get an opinion from someone who specialises in pudendal nerve problems before agreeing to any surgery. I have an internally prolapsed bowel (undiagnosed at time of surgery) so you could say I had the 'wrong' operation (rectocele repair) which made that worse. The operation had failed by a year later anyway.

Do you know what caused the pudendal nerve problem in the first place?

Good luck and take care. Xx

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Hello Rossville. .......My name is Nancy, a 62 yr old nurse, retired due to PNE. I had a rather unfortunate fall 3 yrs ago which precipitated my condition. After blocks, physiotherapy, pain meds, with no improvement, steadily worsening pain while standing and sitting at first, then last year, unable to lie down. Pain and spasms making life unbearable. In January, I had surgical release of both sides. To date, I have had no decrease, only increase in pain, and starting to be unable to walk(like Wal-Mart or Kroger), unless I go with my husband and my walker.......this is just the last straw, loosing independence, which I adore.....this minute, I have taken the limit on my pain meds and muscle relaxer and can just barely concentrate on this post. Also, I have bowel and bladder issues; chronic constipation, and I suspect I have prolapse as well. My rectal pain is horrendous burning most all the time. Sometimes an ice pak helps, or letting cool water flow on my hurtful places. Bladder spasms are more manageable.....pelvic floor therapy helps for awhile, but I must go thru it about quarterly. Sleeping with my head elevated helped for awhile, but not anymore. IF you have a pelvic pain physiotherapy clinic available, a complete assessment of your pelvis may be helpful in pinning down your diagnosis, and the therapy has been my ONLY relief, as yet. I am told that the release surgery takes 1 to 2 years to heal and assess real effectiveness of the procedure. I AM READY, NOW!!!!!!!

Good luck to you, and please feel free to ask questions, I would gladly try to help you. I will pray for you, and all of us caught up in this nightmare.......God Bless*********


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