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Pelvic inflammatory disease

Hi I am under going test for this disease I have had all the symptoms on off for 7yrs I am a mum of three children my youngest is 3yrs old my symptoms start before my third child why carrying my third child I slipped my pelvis thing have got considering worse things came to a head when I could hardly walk as I had so much pain and serious infection I have been Forbe off by doctors only since my last spelt that I have had scan and STI tests all clear waiting to see the pelvic clinic up at hospital they think I have muscles problems with my pelvis and internal issues to all the things I have read on here I have all of the symptoms the only thing that make me different is my age not far off 40 and having children with normal pregnancy hope this helps some other women

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You need to be referred to a gynaecologist to see if they will do a diagnostic laparoscopic to rule out PID. I was diagnosed with chronic PID, but they didn't find the source until a later laparoscopic because it was loculated and hidden behind my uterus.

Hopefully your problems will turn out to be muscle strain, but you should insist on seeing a gynaecologist too. A mistake I made was not seeing someone when I was in the most pain.

Hope this helps.

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