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nerves fiber ending damaged?


I have problem when I sit down, when I sit down even for 2 minutes the entrance of the vagina will start burning also the urethera.

and in the morning when I wake up, I wake up without the burning but when I go to toilet and I use water to rince so the burning will start in the entrance of the vagina and doesn't stop, also I can't wear underwer,tight trouses,no jeans, I wear just dressess or skirts, the area become hypersensitive.

I saw Pain Consultant and he examined me because we were thinking pudendal nerve entrapment but after the examination he said he thinks it's nerve fiber ending are damaged.

does anyone have smilar problem,nerves fiber damaged or nerves fiber ending are damaged?

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Did you see one of the PN aware consultants? Has he put you on any medication? How is your bladder?


Yes I saw Dr Greenslade and he gave me cymbalta and increase the dose of lyrica and vitamin B.


This sounds like pudendal neuralgia to me, I say this as a sufferer not a doctor. You need to research this and the various medications you can take and go back to the doctor armed with some information.

Good luck.

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did he give you lidocaine 5% ointment? uk only has emla and this one for pain

my pain doctor told me to use this cream 2xa day, I never- did however I got better anyway


Hi I've seen the response to your post. How our you feeling must be confusing for you ? Take care x


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