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Pelvic pain over one week

Was just wondering what people thought of my symptoms.. Been on the pill since I was fourteen for painful periods, to the point where my mother was taking me up to ED. Didn't have any problems until last year when I started getting right sided abdo pain that was cleared by surgeons for bowel. I get right sided pain during my period, and go from normally being constipated from being a shift worker to running to the toilet several times a day during my period. Have just had severe pelvic pain for over a week - initially treated for Uti as had white cells in urine and elevated white cell count in bloods but after two course of antibiotics I've still got pain across my pelvis going into my hips, still got nausea and lack of appetite. I see the gynae again tomorrow - he thinks it could be stage one endo- but was just wondering what other people might think it might be? My periods aren't heavy or long due to being on the pill, I do get spotting occasionally and no painful sex which doesn't correlate with endo. Any other ideas?



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What did your gynae say in the end?


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