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First Smear (Can they Refuse me?)

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Hi there

I live in Scotland and I am turing 20 next month. I am expecting my invitation by my doctor to get my first smear soon. The thing is that I am still a virgin and have had the HPV vaccine while at school which puts me in the low rick catagory for developing cervical cancer or abnormal changes. However I still want the smear test done.

Can who ever performs it refuse to do it because in a virgin?

To me even though i am low risk, there is still a risk of something being there, and I dont want to wait until later as they are putting the age up to 25 in Scotland next year. Plus over the last 2 years I have been having (TMI) lots of dicharge, some spotting from time to time, lower abdomen and pelvic pain, which is still undiagnosed and none of my doctors seem to care, so part of me want to have it in case it shows what could be causing this.

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Perhaps you need to go and see your GP before the 'invite' comes. You are having issues which you are worried about so possibly a referral to a gynecologist to check out the things that are concerning you would be in order. As a virgin, a smear test would damage your currently intact hymen and smear tests are not usually done on those who are not sexually active - if you were to get your invite I believe you can still have a smear but you must tell the nurse that you are a virgin so that she can be extra gentle as it will involve penetrating your hymen and will be uncomfortable.

The smear is to test for the abnormal cells which might indicate cervical cancer, the HPV virus is a sexually transmitted disease and as a virgin and a recipient of the HPV vaccine it is HIGHLY unlikely that this is your current problem.

However, you are obviously concerned about what is going on 'down there' so why don't you go and see your GP, request to see a lady doctor if you'd feel more comfortable and get some investigations done.

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cabbage12 in reply to AyrshireK

Thanks for the reply.

My pain and that have been ongoing issues for the last year and a half. Been to gyni and they fobbed me off saying that it isn't there issue and that they wouldn't look into my pain as I am not having any internal issues or pain ( even though I practically screamed at her during the internal exam). I've had internal scans as well so it is likely that my Hymen is no longer intact. Also been to general surgery and had a similar response. I've been to my GP over 8 times in the last 14 months, seen a few of the GPs because there has been a few that have left at my practice. It doesn't help that we only have one female doctor left and I am not particularly keen on her. I've tried to discuss it with her before and she ignored it.

I just feel like no one is taking notice of my pain. I didn't have any or very little pain between late December and March. But since April the pain has come back with revenge.

Thanks again for the reply, sorry for the rant. I have an appointment next week with one of the GPs at my doctors practice for another issue, so might bring it up then.

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MaxandMe in reply to cabbage12


Im new here too. Just want to say im so sorry to hear about your problems. It must be very frustrating that they arent taking you seriously.

I suffer with endometriosis and even before i became sexually active experienced pelvic pain and Painful periods. I can only assume it coud be caused by a few things like endometriosis, vaginismus (athough that shouldnt cause spotting), hormonal imbalance or pid. I know you are a virgin but in case you had been sexually active in other ways with someone id say you were still within your right to have a smear. As you have internal scans you should be ok. Even if you havent been i still think you could have it, unless there is some rule about it.

You can ask for a specuum that they use for ladies who have vaginismus, virgins etc. Even though im tall i cannot tolerate the large speculum so the small size works fine for me. Being a virgin is not a good enough reason to discount your clear symptoms.

I would suggest you speak to another gp even a male one if your not keen on the female one. I find in general male drs tend to be understanding and if youd prefer he didnt examine you just ask to be referred to a gynaecologist that specialisis in pelvic pain and endometriosis. You can look these drs up who work in your local hospital or further afield if you like. Dr foster website has a dr search facility.

I hope this post is some help. I know first hand how truly scary, physically and mentally draining pelvic pain be. Even if you dont have vaginismus if you have ever been in pain being examined you could find you tense up as a respomse after that, without realising. I woud suggest researching vulvodinia and vaginismus. It might help to learn to be aware of your muscles and practise relaxing down there ready for your next examination. i find them extremely painful and i was told i had vaginismus ,but it turns out i had endometriosis but did tense up due to pain. I have learnt somewhat to relax, dont be afraid to tell whoever examines you to be gentle and not to rush!

Sorry its so long but i know how it can feel, so wanted to be thorough.

take care Xx

Perhaps you should ask your GP for a referral to a pain clinic? I was very surprised at how helpful mine was compared to the many gynaes I saw who were not!


I had serious pelvic pain and still have today,

You can demand any sort of check up you need from your doctor, no matter what your age,

I was 19 when I had my first smear test because of an unfortunate problem with my womb. Endometriosis is only common or people aged 25+ but some of us ladies have older bodies than our age, I turned 20 in February and I feel that something isn't right every month, I'm in pain, when I go in ask for a second opinion and it works every time, by law they have to give you what you want.

Hope this helps.

Always aske for a second opinion if you don't feel reassured because GP's lately seem to play a guessing game x

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